About us

We are forward-leaning Netsuite ERP consultants helping medium-sized and growth organizations implement the Oracle Netsuite ERP system, enhancing their capabilities to work efficiently with all their information in one place – always updated. Oracle Netsuite is a market-leading ERP system being 100% cloud-based, giving you all the benefits of the cloud.


Being an official Oracle Netsuite partner and Solution Provider located in Norway and India (offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Pune, and Hyderabad), we seek to improve both Norwegian and International businesses in the way they handle their data and processes. Having the necessary knowledge about typical European financial requirements combined with the technical excellence of Netsuite, we believe that there is enormous untapped potential for digital transformation when it comes to replacing old and outdated systems with Netsuite.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our customers to achieve their goals and grow through organizational learning, process improvement, and data-driven management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the preferred Oracle NetSuite ERP partner for companies with international ambitions.

Our Ultimate Objective

Our ultimate goal is to empower our customers to achieve more with Oracle NetSuite ERP, and become the preferred partner for companies with international ambitions.

Our Values

We care about ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, our partners, and the environment we live in!

Take Lead

Growth Mindset




We are Management and Netsuite ERP Consultants

  • We are ERP- and Management Consultants
  • We partner with Oracle NetSuite and M-Files
  • We have offices in Oslo and Stavanger in Norway, and in Pune and Hyderabad in India
  • We are managers and leaders with experience in multinational corporate governance and discipline leadership
  • We are partners with other highly experienced partners around the world, together covering all disciplines, ensuring both capacity and capability
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We Implement the Netsuite ERP System and Develop Native Apps

  • We align the strengths of the client’s processes with the strengths of the NetSuite platform
  • We are the largest and most experienced NetSuite partner in Norway, having lead implementations in Norway and more than 50 other countries on all continents
  • We provide native NetSuite solutions and best practices covering our client’s needs
  • We have experience with management consulting, company and system architecture, corporate governance, lean process improvement, digital transition, process robotics and automation

We are an Oracle Netsuite ERP Implementation Partner

  • Our employees can be hired as project managers, system and solution architects, trainers, and developers
  • We have dedicated discipline leads with experience from managing finance, operations, CRM, sales, HR, HSEQ & Risk, maintenance, logistics, supply chain, warehouse management, and service management
  • We utilize our RM NetSuite Implement Module for implementing projects, including best-practice set-ups for project planning and monitoring, team management, task management, hour logging, risk management, and integrated testing- and training programs
  • We have experience with management consulting, company and system architecture, corporate governance, lean process improvement, digital transition, process robotics and automation
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We have Management and Finance functions

  • We have management and controller functions for hire that can lead or support change management for sustained improvements
  • We can take the role of leading an ERP system acquisition, system implementation on behalf of a client, and do service and post-go-live support.

Offices and Consultants


4031 Stavanger
Forusparken 2

Forusparken 2 1
Name Job Title
Mikal Tuen Eie
CEO & Management Consultant
Helge Selvik​
ERP Consultant and Team Lead
Hasan Kartoev
ERP Consultant and Team Lead
Olivier Bou
Project Manager
Anna T Lekvam
Project Manager
Arnold Fredriksen
ERP Consultant
Bjarte Taranger
Business Developer
Lena Eide
HR Director and Management Consultant


0158 Oslo
Visiting: Øvre Vollgate 9
Postal: Rådhusgata 27

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Name Job Title
Mats Foss Knutsen
CFO and Finance Lead, System Architect
Thomas Borgen
Netsuite ERP Consultant
Hallvard Øystese
Netsuite ERP Consultant
Akshatha Pai
Aniruddha Deshpande
ERP Consultant
Bjørnar S Halvorsen
ERP Consultant and Team Lead
Chloe Cocault
ERP Consultant and Team Lead
Daniel S Zuniga
ERP Consultant
Ingri K Amundsen
HR Advisor
Maksym Panchuk
ERP Consultant
Mats Christoffersen
Commercial Manager
Mohammad A Kohansal
ERP Consultant
Valentin Hachet
ERP Consultant
Vilhelm Bjermeland
System Architect


Pune, 411027 Maharashtra

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Name Job Title
Rakesh Khatri
General Manager India
Kunal Kumar
Senior ERP Consultant
Mayur Bhandare
Junior Technical Consultant
Pavithra Paidipati
ERP Consultant
Prashant A Bhoi
Advisor operation and support
Prateek Puri
ERP Consultant
Nagarjuna Reddy
Senior Developer
Rakesh Kanaki
Solution Architect
Rakesh Malvade
Technical Consultant
Vaibhav Bandawar
ERP Consultant

We are hiring ERP consultants!

Ratio Management is looking for new members to join our NetSuite implementation team as ERP consultants. You will be part of a strong team that is highly motivated by helping clients successfully implement a new and better platform to control, analyze, and grow their business.We are looking for candidates with a curious mindset, an ability to learn quickly, and professional communication skills. Candidates should also demonstrate a high work capacity and work structured and efficiently.

We encourage candidates with a diversity of backgrounds to apply. We look for candidates with a background in Business Information, Finance/Accounting, Data Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and/or General consultancy. If you find satisfaction in making slow and manual working procedures more efficient, you are motivated by improving the corporation’s business intelligence and you are passionate about helping companies improve and enter the digitalization age, we encourage you to apply. Please email us your application and resume through email, either by clicking the button below (or contact us as described on the contact page).


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